Your CFO on the Go®
Implementing Strategies To Improve Cash Flow, Profits, and Growth Prospects

Implementing Strategies To Improve Cash Flow, Profits & Growth

How We Will Support You

Support When You Need It
Like most business owners, you probably perform a variety of roles to make sure that all of the “bases” are covered.  Yet, there are times when you may rely upon external professionals, such as attorneys and tax accountants, to help you run your company. 

Many business owners do not have the resources to fill the Chief Financial Officer (“CFO”) function on a full-time basis.  They try to perform the role themselves even though financial management is a unique and specialized function.  As you try to grow your business, you may be looking for more strategic financial guidance on an on-going basis.  That’s where we can help you. 


Your CFO on the Go® is designed to fulfill your CFO function on a part-time basis and to complement your existing management team.  Our typical client is large enough to need the resources and guidance provided by a high level financial professional, yet small enough to not need this role filled on a full-time basis. 


Working With Us

Like other professionals, we charge an flat rate for our services on either an hourly or retainer basis.  We are a fee-only firm.  We do not sell any products, earn commissions, or charge hidden fees.  Our fee structure ensures the work performed for you is totally independent, unbiased, and solely in your own best interest.


Getting Started Is Easy

Call us today at (240) 274-6137 or email us your contact information using the form contained on the Contract Us page.  We will call you to perform a quick telephone screening to ensure we can address your needs.  We will then schedule a complimentary exploratory meeting to prioritize your concerns and explain how we will address them.  This meeting generally lasts no more than 1 hour and will be held at your offices (or at an off site location, if you prefer).


After our exploratory meeting, we will present you with a scope letter and fee quote that clearly explains the work to be performed, the deliverables, and proposed completion dates.  After beginning the work, we will meet with you on prearranged-arranged dates to discuss our progress and ensure the work performed meets with your satisfaction. 


At no time will we charge you more than we quoted.  If additional work is required, it will be discussed and any additional fees will be agreed upon prior to doing the additional services.  This method ensures that you will always have control over work performed and money invested in us. 

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