Your CFO on the Go®
Implementing Strategies To Improve Cash Flow, Profits, and Growth Prospects

Implementing Strategies To Improve Cash Flow, Profits & Growth

Benefits From Having Us On Your Team

As a business owner, becoming overwhelmed by the demands on your time is easy.  The mundane responsibilities and minutiae of running your company take time and energy away from the very reasons why you started your business in the first place. With Your CFO on the Go® on your team, you will have more time to focus on actions that matter to you.  

à Services Offered

·        Freeing Up Your Time à We assume responsibility for managing the financial side of your business & overseeing your accounting staff to allow you more time to focus on value add activities (or to simply take some well deserved time off).


·        Having a Comprehensive Financial Game Plan à We implement strategic growth & operating plans based on well-defined & measurable goals and benchmarks, provide timely & meaningful feedback about financial results, and recommend changes needed to stay on track.


·        Understanding Profit Drivers à We track profit margins by customer, project, and services offered so that you only invest your money & resources in services that add to the bottom line.


·        Improving Margins à We work with your team to develop service offerings that maximize pricing & minimize costs.


·        Improving Cash Flow à We improve working capital turns by reducing waste in processes that tie up cash, forecast cash flow to identify issues prior to them arising, and work with your team to improve cost management systems & internal controls.


·        Accessing Capital à We assist with obtaining bank financing by tapping into our extensive network of commercial lenders, developing a lending proposal document that includes realistic financial projections, and negotiating the best lending terms suited to your company’s needs.


·        Developing a Cohesive Growth & Exit Strategy à We help you to develop an exit strategy and ensure your company’s growth strategy is consistent and supportive of it to maximize the value of your investment in your company.


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